President Trump roars like a lion – warning terrorists and China, acts like a lion- slaying Baghdadi, Suleimani and sending  three aircraft carrier fleets to South China sea. He  even looks like a lion with his large face and mane of hair. He is also the lion-hearted president of the United States.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi does not have to worry in respect to China as long as he has the company of the lion hearted Trump. It is China, intending  to harm India and the world’s cause of freedom, which  has to worry.

If President Trump is re-elected, China simply would not touch India despite the current tension on the border issue, much less ‘attack’ India, precisely as a person dare not attack another person carrying a hound with him, much less the one keeping the company of an adult lion. A would be attacker instinctively knows the consequences of being torn apart on the spot. Modi steadfastly and regularly keeps in close touch with Trump. The  president  is unhypocritic, straightforward, daring, fearless and a brave man. He is also an indomitable president of the United States.

 Ethnic Indians living in USA and NRIs(Non Resident Indians) living across the world should consider this as one of the key reasons why China did not escalate further hostilities, besides the robust rejoinder given by India.It was not wisdom of China which did the trick. The open support of President Trump to India declared by him following the recent Galvan incident in Laddakh - in which Indian troops on being attacked killed double the number of their Chinese counterparts with their bare hands as both the sides were barred from using arms and ammunition’ by an earlier agreement - thus averted a  full scale war. And it would hopefully be averted in the future too, if Trump continues as the president. 

We can so easily calculate the consequences of a war with China. If it assumes nuclear dimension, the cost  would be incalculable in terms of lives lost and property destroyed. Hence for the ethnic Indians settled in USA the  enmass whole hearted support for President Trump is not an option, but a MUST  for the service of their motherland- Bharat mata (mother India). While voting for Trump they would be performing the greatest act of patriotism to their motherland from the American soil. A timely action would pre-empt a great disaster gradually maturing  inside the womb of the future.Therefore, it will be great service to the cause of India and to FREEDOM - a world cause.

For American people in general too re-electing Trump to the presidency on Nov,2,2020 will be the best defense of freedom they can build up against China and Russia both for the reasons explained later in this narrative. Forgetting their partisan differences, all Americans – republicans, democrats and independents – all of them  should unite together to re-elect President Trump by an overwhelming vote of confidence in him in order to meet out the upcoming almost certain , inevitable mega challenge from the Chinese. The challenge is likely to be mightier than the one thrown to them during the second world war. At stake is very survival of FREEDOM ITSELF this time ,and not the health policies, insurance policies, medical claims, racial discrimination and related problems etc on which they usually fight each other. Alternative to president Trump in this election, vice - president Joe Biden is too great a weakling to trust. The challenge is way far bigger.

Apology: I offer my sincerest apology to President Trump and his family for whatever anti -Trump comments I made in my book ‘Alternative to Hillary—IMPEACHABLE President Trump’ written back in June - July 2016. It was based upon pure conjecture. After viewing his great qualities, virtues and performance for four long years, now as a measure of remorse and atonement, I am trying to correct my ‘blunder’ through making this website. Inder Dan Ratnu