Author Inder Dan Ratnu : 

Inder Dan Ratnu is a Churchill scholar from India. He has written two books on Winston Churchill and three on American politics.His first book on Churchill – ‘Alternative to Churchill-The Eternal Bondage’ written back in 1993 was reviewed by Richard Langworth ,then chairman, Churchill Center,Washington and by Shashi Tharoor , then Assistant Secretary General ,UNO. Ratnu had the honor to be invited to UNO by Tharoor because of this connection. Inder Dan Ratnu has also the honor to receive personal compliments of five American presidents – Ford,Carter,Reagan,Bush ,Clinton and five British PMs for this book.

Inder Dan Ratnu’s published books are :

1 - Alternative to Churchill-The Eternal Bondage

2 -  Layman’s Questions About Churchill

3 - The Ultimate Defense (To save president Clinton from Impeachment)

4 - First Lady President (to promote the cause of ‘female’ gender and ‘black’ community in presidential election)

5 - Alternative to Hillary- IMPEACHABLE President Trump 

Inder Dan Ratnu was a Hillary Clinton supporter starting from 2003 when he authored First Lady President  for the reasons explained in the PREFACE of the book  up until 2016 when he wrote his last book.But his experience of keen observation of President Trump’s action oriented work for the past 4 years has transformed him radically and completely.It had a dramatic impact upon his mind in turning him into a resolute,strong, staunch supporter of President Trump.He is now fully dedicated and devoted to the cause of his re-election, it doesn’t matter he is a ‘foreigner.’  He ,in fact , views in the personality of President Trump “another Churchill on the horizon” because of the three extraordinary traits of Churchill’s character embedded in full measure in Trump’s own – fearlessness, resolve and decisiveness.President Trump , like Churchill , also aims at “victory at all costs,”appreciating  ‘winners,’  and often doesn’t mind to openly express his dislike for the ‘losers.’ 

On the basis of his book First Lady President Ratnu had travelled all the way to USA twice in order to observe from a close distance two US presidential elections back in 2004 & 2008 during which he stayed in US for 8 months in all.During his 2008 trip he attended conventions of democratic and republican parties both from outside the halls.During the early days of his trip, Ratnu  made an interesting visit to Hillary Clinton’s biggest office in NY near to grand central station.He initially cautioned, and then on being ridiculingly ignored boldly warned the lady-in-charge-   Madam  Debree that Obama would “defeat” Hillary as  he was using two very strong points of Ratnu’s book-- “anti-war” and “change” in his campaign only to receive an insulting retort, “we know American politics better than any ‘foreign’ writer,” again surely and only to be proved wrong later  to her own regret.

Two American journalists long after 2008 election following their having been fully convinced ,after viewing the overwhelming ‘EVIDENCE’ and after reading the ‘ EXPLANATIONS,’ reported that ,in fact, Barack Obama had become president of USA  in the first place by using Ratnu’s book First Lady President in 2008 ,which Ratnu had sent to then Senator Obama 20 months before the election.Unbelievable.Isn’t it?Here are the links to both the articles.