Advice to the American people:


I have thoroughly read the history of the Second World War written by Winston Churchill and others. I have studied the life of Churchill through his autobiography and also through tidbits of his biographies written by others. The current situation in the South China sea and on the Indo-China border which, at best, is very tense, mIght escalate any time into a major war in the world. I am 70 years old, and reasonably well read. Based upon my studies,analysis, assessment and the experience of my whole life, I advise the American people to re-electPresident Trump over former Vice President Joe Biden.It is in their best interest.It is also in the greater interest of the world and its freedom too? How?

A large section of American society worries that Trump might drag America into a new war “through his follies and eccentricities.” Any basis for this theory? None, whatsoever. It is just wild speculation. Is it because he is so aggressive toward his detractors, including some media outlets? Trump has been the victim of many unprovoked and unwarranted attacks on him.The evidence on record about President Trump points to the contrary. He has actually withdrawn from existing wars– for example from Iraq, and he is trying to withdraw from Afghanistan, and even from Syria.He is on the verge of final withdrawal.


President Trump is a very practical man. He has not created any new wars on his own. He does not want to send Americans into harm’s way anywhere in the world on the basis of theoretical, cooked up threats. Yet, he is a resolute defender of American lives and American interests the world over. He has shown to have the nature and capability of rising to the occasion whenever it was needed, and I believe he will  continue to do so in the future, if I am not wrong in my assessment of his character. He is gifted by God with Churchillian qualities of decisiveness, determination and fearlessness to the same degree as was Churchill.He is another Churchill in the making, which will be revealed if the looming war broke out. He may not be an equal of Churchill in diplomatic language and literary bites, but he certainly is at least his equal, and in some cases even greater, when it comes to boldness ,fearlessness,decision-making and patriotism.

On the other hand, Joe Biden, the rival of Trump in this election cycle, is another Chamberlain, a living Chamberlain gifted with the good measure of docility and gentlemanship. Biden also has in his nature a good measure of the capability of ‘appeasement’ of the aggressors and trick masters like China. He did so while he was the vice president with Obama.He is likely to continue with it, avoiding “purchasing an unwanted trouble,” thus averting a war at a great cost to his nation,as he did so far.In fact,he and his like-minded cronies did so all their lives in respect to many other countries around the world, as so rightly accused by Trump.Under his very nose, China continued to build up her resources and fill up her coffers at great cost to the American people in terms of trade balance, employment and even security.


But nothing moved in the mind of Biden. He continued to watch it from a safe distance as a silent spectator, as if nothing was happening. As if nothing was of his concern. As so rightly and so often asserted by President Trump.China continued to build up its industries, its trade, its arms and weapons  with American money, and now she is ready to turn upon the United States, which is potentially  facing a major war, the cost of which no one can correctly estimate.All this because of the policy of Biden and his like-minded politicians in the United States,who never cared to correct the imbalances happening around them with respect to China.How right President Trump is! Now, God forbid, but if a major war does break out following the victory of Biden in the election(God forbid this too), in the wake of  the current state of his health, he is likely to either resign like Chamberlain did or to proceed on sick leave, handing over the presidency to Kamala or issue most of his war directives from the washroom attached to the situation room(War Room). 

On the contrary, Trump is so strong, robust and powerful that the enemy would be deterred from undertaking a misadventure of war during his presidency.Still, if someone did go ahead with it, the aggressor is likely to suffer the consequences.The fundamentals of war and peace are so clear to President Trump. President Trump kept almost all the promises he made to the American people during the 2016 campaign.The new factories are coming up across the country at a rapid pace. He revived the old and sick ones.Unemployment and trade balance are at a record low level except for Corona. The economy was booming before the Covid attack and the stock market was shooting up at a record level.All due to the America first policy of Trump.What had prevented Biden from taking up any of these measures and from performing any of these miracles,which Trump so easily did? He has been the vice president for two long terms. This should be the main point of consideration for the American people in general.

As promised by candidate Trump in 2016, the Wall is coming up on the Mexico border. God willing, it will be completed within his second term, if granted by the American people. By banning visitors and immigrants from certain Muslim countries, along with other non-Muslim countries from entry into the U.S. as promised, it did have positive implications. The Trump roar kept the Islamic terrorists from undertaking any misadventure on Ithe mainland United States. Hence the purpose of the promise made by him was served. The U.S. embassy in Israel has long since moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem as promised by him. In a new development, Bahrain and the UAE have agreed to normalize relations with Israel----a good move for world peace. Where is he lagging behind?  Checks

God bless the United States of America. God Bless President Donald Trump. God bless the Trump family.

God bless India. God bless PM Narendrabhai Modi.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.