Difference between Biden and Trump vis-à-vis Modi :

Biden and Obama  were / are fair weather friends of India. When Narendra Modi was CM and was facing baseless charges of mass murder , they without giving an iota of thought towards ‘diplomacy’ or the ‘truth’ openly sided with the accusers and refused to give him a trivial thing called ‘visa’ to travel to USA where CM modi had been invited to address  a gathering of Gujaratis—NRIs of his state.It was not a political gathering ,but largely  a cultural and literary gathering. Modi put the request for visa , but it was denied by Biden/Obama duo. .Modi found his way out any way and addressed the Gujaratis  through the use of technology.But this pair Biden and Obama tamely,arrogantly and unashamedly  refused to grant the visa for a visit  by Modi to please his native Gujarati Indians.. The pair  continued with the  ban, put on modi travel by earlier administration at the instance and connivance of those who mocked ,ridiculed and trivialized Modi. Who wanted to hang Modi and Amit Shah( current union Home Minister)on the basis of baseless , false murder charges. But it didn’t make a damn difference to Modi or his great spirit or indomitable will power . He found his  way out any way, as in fact he had done once earlier in 2008. Inder Dan Ratnu was one of the audience there back in 2008 (the ban had been effected in 2005)who had gone there to participate as an independent observer in the US presidential election 2008 on the basis of his book First Lady President.It was a rapturous standing applause when  great  Modi came alive on the screen from India where it was very early in the morning about 2 am or so.It was followed by numerous other standing ovations  throughout the oration and at the end of  the speech a thundering standing applause.It was apparent he was a rising political hero of India and not merely that of Gujarat state alone.It was also a good practical demontratiion that Modi would find his way out in the interest of Indians unmindful of the opinion and the action of the  American president or his  vice president. Author Ratnu was a witness to it and appreciated it and could so interestingly (as is his habit of analysis) and so clearly forsee the rise of a great leader of  India in this single event. So vice president Biden, a man of principles as he himself and his supporters boast of, was a partner to the so distasteful denial of trivial visa to Modi.

And now let us analyse  what is the attitude of Trump towards Modi. Trump the president of the United States.A stadium is a building structure.It’s inauguration is not a big deal. But it becomes a big deal when it is the biggest  in the world accommodating about one hundred thousand people at one time.Modi had started building  it near Ahmedabad, Gujarat  when he was the chief minister of the state. It was completed in 2020.Of all the leaders in the world Modi thought there was only one leader who ought to be invited to inaugurate it.Namely President Trump.He extended the invitation.For an American president it was a trivial thing to inaugurate a sports stadium.He didn’t actually have the time either.Yet President Trump didn’t deny the invitatioin. He could have easily done so. But he decided to respect PM Modi’s desire although it involved a highly exhausting trip half way around the globe.He came all the way from US accompanied by his family- wife , daughter, son-in-law etc.,didn’t  matter only for a few hours, but kept his word. He inaugurated the stadium packed with one hundred thousand strong people.The crowd just outside and on both sides of the road on the way from airport to stadium  numbered over one million people in all.This was India’s and Modi’s welcome to Trump. Indians valued a great friend and they were anthusiastically jostling to get one simple single  glimpse of their prized guest of honor.President Trump did realize it was a record breaking , record making welcome he had never ever seen in his life accorded to anyone in the world.He responded to it with equal warmth in his address there.He kept his word and commanded love and  respect from the Indians present around the stadium and others glued to TV all over the country and across the world.

These two incidents are good enough to explain the difference between Biden and Trump.During the inaugural ceremony Trump holding the hand of Modi took a full round of the stadium responding to the welcome roar of the audience there like, in fact ,he had done at Houston , USA  earlier  in 2019 during what was termed as HOWDYat a similar gathering of Indians there.It is creditable to President Trump that on both the occasions he responded with equal warmth to Indians.This was unprecedented in the history of India and US both.Such a great friend Trump is , such a great president he is,such a great humanbeing he is.Can’t we repay him by a simple thing like vote in his favor? Of course ,we can, we should, we must and we will. Since he didn’t do it in respect to any other leader in the world whether it be that of China or Russia or any EU country.It was only India towards which he extended such a warm hand of friendship. We Indians can understand and appreciate  this simplicity ,warmth and greatness of human spirit since it is a part and partial of our own nature, our own national character. It is in our blood.It is ,therefore imperative we should all jointly, decisively and openly  side with Trump vis-à-vis Biden regardless of whether he wins or loses the contest.We ought to be with him.Enmass.Each and everyone of us.Whether in US or in India. Those who are in India should ask , through smart phones or emails ,their relatives and friends (every Indian living in US is a relative or friend of somebody living back in India).Leave the rest to God.Trump has never lost in his life and , hopefully, this time too he will not.It should be our pleasure and privilege to be a part of his victory. I finish it by  half a line-popularly so well known throughout India,  spoken by one thousand years old  legendary Kavi Chand Bhaat (popularly known as Chandravardai ) to  his master Hindu emperor PrithviRaj Chauhan of Ajmer who had been imprisoned and brutalized by gauging out his eyeballs-- to finish off  the enemy muslim terrorist invader- the captor Mohammed Ghauri in just one single blow.“Chooke Mat Chauhan.” Warrior, Don’t ,miss the target.This is the only chance.