TRUMP - A UNIQUE, UNPARALLELED, EXCEPTIONALLY COURAGIOUS PRESIDENT OF USA : President Trump is a unique , unparalleled president in the history of USA.He was a businessman who directly (He had never sought any political post for himself earlier)became the president by defeating democrats and republicans both, by forcing his entry among  their ranks with the sole purpose of serving his country .Not that there were no thorns in his way.But by his sheer will-power and expression power great Trump crushed  all obstacles,then finally stormed into the White House in Nov.2016 - to the utter shock ,dislike and  disbelief of the all traditional politicians and demagogue media both.But his straightforward, honest and sometimes even extreme language was appealing to the common people of America and they discovered in him the champion-warrior they were seeking,the fighter they were awaiting for a long period of time. Highly frustrated as his detractors were ,some of them even accused him of abusing and insulting his way to the White House.But he was unmindful of it all as he had focused on reaching  his  target to sincerely serve the American people and their larger interests.And he got on to the job as soon as he arrived there.From his first speech he emphasized his policy of  “America first” from the day one of his presidency.Then he implemented it  without caring for what his detractors were saying or shouting or accusing him of ,lest he should fall short of his promises made to the American people. What a man he is! A man of word , a man of action.

The greatest threat to freedom in the history of mankind was from Hitler of Germany as perceived by Winston Churchill during  the world war 2.Since Adolf Hitler was an autocrat who had declared himself the ruler of Germany for life. So has Xi Jinping for China. Hitler  was the greatest power of his time on the Earth in terms of arms,weapons  and military.He was annexing the land of neighboring countries  by brute force following  the fabrication  of  territorial disputes first, and then became the greatest threat to the world peace.If Hitler had been effectively checked at the initial stage by the contemporary great powers through an effective armed intervention ,when he was wildly arming and expanding his territory,he would never have become such a great threat to the world peace, according to Winston Churchill. Therefore, Churchill termed World War 2  as “unnecessary war.”

 This is precisely what China is doing today  in respect to her neighbors like India, Japan, Phillipines, Vietnam , Indonesia etc.She had already DEVOURED( unnoticed by wider world) at least two large independent docile nations- her immediate neighbors Tibet and Western Mongolia(current north western Xinjiang province of China).She did it absolutely silently ,unnoticed by any one as they were nearly empty lands inhabited by a very few nomads and other very scarce ,small, absolutely unarmed, largely peaceful populations .She did it perfectly silently without raising any outcry or alarm anywhere in the world and it was over. In fact,. China today is worse threat than Germany under Hitler was. .She has already armed to the teeth –she is having tremendous nuclear power- in terms of bombs , bombers and nuclear warhead carrying  missiles(as great as US or Russia or even more than that) which Germany never had.Besides ,she has  a similar somewhat deceptively calm looking  but exceptionally  cunning dictator Xi Jinping  at the top- at that a  ‘communist’ dictator.He is pursuing “expansionism” and “arming” more vigorously than Hitler ever did.In other words, China today is a far greater threat to freedom than Hitler’s Germany ever was.And worst thing about China is it became the greatest threat to freedom with the aid of the champion of freedom-USA ,as rightly pointed out by President Trump time and again. She did it taking advantage of exceptionally liberal policies of US , by  extracting money and resources of USA through cheating – USA  the greatest defender of freedom in the world -under the very noses of successive presidents as so rightly accused by President Trump. The president  has been warning about it ever  since and even before he occupied the white house. This is precisely what Churchill had been doing before he became the PM. The British people made him the PM only because he alone was right and the rest were wrong. Also that he was exceptionally courageous and articulate Probably, American people made Trump their president precisely for those  reasons.He is ,therefore,another Churchill in the making.

Therefore, now the fate of the free world is going to be decided in the battlefield of election- American presidential election.On one hand is though a decent, docile as cow, soft spoken ,somewhat timid ,gutless Biden and on the other is robust,living ,roaring , lion Trump who has already issued warnings to China asking her to remain within her limits and has mobilized military force , naval power to confront her.Now,it is for the American voter to decide which way to go.President Trump being a business man is smart ,careful and clever enough never to jump into an unnecessary war.No one need to teach him this strategy.He would not learn it from any one either.

Note : The author of this article knows that certain sections of American society would get incensed at him and would get depressed as well for comparing Trump with Churchill. But the author will  care only as much for their this specific sensitivity as does president Trump for their all other such  sensivities.A true follower of Trump.